Keep your garage door in a groove

Garage doors are wonderful as long as they are rolling up and down the track smoothly. So, I want a write about just a few simple tips that we should do every year to make sure that happens.

Keep your garage door in a groove

With the garage door down, inspect the rollers, track, and hinges. Clean the track with a solvent like paint thinner, removing all the old dirt, grime, and grease.

If there is any rust treat the area immediately with Rust Cure. Check for rust on the hinges and door panels too. Lubricate all the rollers, the track, the hinges on the garage door with Tri- Flow. Tri- Flow comes in a convenient 12 oz spray and comes with a straw to get the lubricant right where you need it. Tri- Flow will not attract dust and dirt because along with oils, it has solvents that soften and remove dirt. Tri Flow is liquid ball bearings in a spray can! Lubricate the opener and whether your door opener is a chain or is a screw-drive apply Tri Flow full strength to ensure smooth operation.

When you have taken care of all the moving parts, open the door and look at the bottom of your door. If you have a wood door you should have a weather stripping that goes the length of the door and protects the door bottom from moisture and rot.

Having weather stripping is also important to keep out rodents, dust, rain, insects from your garage. Metal garage doors have a track that holds the weather stripping in place. If you are like me, I enter my home through the garage door and having a well working door is important. I hope this project is helpful to you!

Now to the email …

Question: I have a question about the brick on our house. Over the last couple of summers, I used a lawn sprinkler to water our flower beds. Much of the water hit our brick, and now we have the mineral build-up which makes the brick look unsightly. What can you suggest to clean off the build up? I have tried CLR, bleach, and other cleaners but nothing is touching the stain. Let me know what you think.

Answer: What you want to use is Acid Magic. Acid Magic is safe muriatic acid that is buffered to prevent contact burning and has 90 percent fewer fumes but does the same great job of cleaning. Wet the brick first and then spray on the Acid Magic. Acid Magic will immediately start hissing and foam up. Give the area a quick scrub with a plastic bristle brush and then rinse with clear water. Do not let the Acid Magic dry on the masonry – remember to rinse thoroughly. Acid Magic can also clean efflorescence that forms on garage floors.

Question: I have some nuts and bolts that are completely rusted and fused, and I can’t break the seal. Do you have any suggestion on what to use?

Answer: PB Blaster is a penetrating rust buster. They make a couple of Blaster products but what you want is the one that is in a red and white can. Spray the rusted parts, and really saturate it. Let it work for a few minutes, give it another spray, lightly tap and then remove the parts. You can use on automotive parts, pipes, anything that is rusted together. It will also leave a lubricating film to protect from further rusting.

Question: I have roots in my sewer pipes, and I know there is something I can do myself. I would like to keep up with it instead of having to call a plumber.

Answer: The product is called Root Kill. It is 99 percent copper sulfate and comes in a 2- pound container. Use 1 pound in the toilet one night and flush. Leave the toilet alone that night. The next night use the other pound in the toilet and flush. There are other products you can use just make sure they are 99 percent copper sulfate to kill the roots.